A home for passionate creative people. We began this place – that we called as home back then in the end of 2015. Young and passionate, that were pair of perfect words to describe us – Andreas & Stella. We jump in to this Specialty Coffee industry without any expectation to build a place with tons of creative people – community.

Völks means people. People means the man, women, child, and everything that living around us. Yes, those people build the Völks, the Völks is us. We have tons of friends with different background, from photographer, businessman, calligrapher, singer, and so on. And the most interesting part is those people were connected through the one we passionate about, coffee. Back in March of 2016 we opened our door for the very first time, with pure “coffee-minded-head” in mind. Always push and push ourself how to brew and “Educate” people about specialty coffee, but we just realized that those people doesn’t need to be educated deeper about coffee. They just need a bridge that connect them in one as  a community over #awesome coffee.

One thing we love about this industry is about originality and process. Every products that we release always have our own touch, kneaded by hand, polished  by hand, designed by heart with originality in mind. A perfect scene to see those people smiled, laughed over those #awesome coffees and pastries.