Coffee Class – Public Cupping Water Quality

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Water – is the most important element in coffee brewing and tasting. Every brewed coffee contain at least 98% of water, that means that the coffee substance that extracted in a cup of coffee around 2% each.

How we measure that data ?

Refractometer – in specific requirements we always use coffee refractometer to measure how strong our brewed coffee, the higher the percentage of TDS in % means the stronger our coffee, vice versa. But in our upcoming Public Cupping, we will discuss about water quality that we always use to brew our coffee. Every water contains tons of different minerals, particles, and other substances that affect the result of our brewed coffee. From the tap water, mineral water, RO water, and constructed water, we will cup each of those water and analyse the affect of brewed coffee.


Why we have to learn those water ?

Back to the first paragraph, a cup of coffee we brewed contain at least 98% of water. That means our water quality will affect much on the final result. We’ll learn what minerals and substances that can improve coffee extraction, so in the end of our discussion class we can determine which water we should use to brew our next cup of coffee.


What we have to prepare for Public Cupping ?

  • Please don’t eat spicy, oily, tangy food at least 2 hours before our cupping session.
  • Please don’t smoke also, because that tobacco flavour can distract your palate to cup the coffee.
  • Bring your own book or notes to write down all the explanation from our team.


Cheers 🙂


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