Project Origin – Public Cupping

Another collaboration Public Cupping with TBRK Roastery.

20 January 2019 – Fun Cupping & Brewing 2 awesome coffee beans that processed by Project Origin itself.

HONDURAS Crystal 504 Lavado

Best of Honduras #4

Jose Esteban, Santa Barbara

Pacas Variety | Full Washed | 1525 asl.

Brewing Notes : Lime, Cinnamon, Cherry, Jasmine, Cacao Nibs, Stone Fruits, Plum, Pineapple, Peach, Mandarin, Pear and Green Apple.



Heirloom Variety | Natural | 1950 – 2300 asl.

Brewing Notes : Bubble Gum, Floral Aromatics with flavour of Raspberry, Rose Water, Grapes, Blueberry, Cherry Jam and very smooth elegant finish.